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Our top tips for a gin fuelled wedding

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Co Founder Liz married on World Gin Day in June 2017 and had fellow Co Founder Cam running the Collagin bar on the day. This, paired with insider tips and feedback from other brides she has helped, means Liz knows ALOT about making a wedding a gin filled event!

Whether you are looking for ‘ginspired’ wedding décor, table pieces, wedding favours or a stand out bar, Liz shares her top tips from her personal and business experience below.

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  1. Make it personal

Everyone loves the personal touch at weddings and this is often what people remember about the big day. Put gins on the tables or behind the bar or even as wedding favours that you know your guests love. For example, place a mini bottle of Salcombe gin for Jack on table 9 to remind him of his childhood holidays but put a Cotswolds Gin for Julie on table 4 to remind her of THAT drunken hen do. The guests will be so touched by your gesture and the effort gone into knowing and thinking about your guests. If you don’t have budget for personalised wedding favours, place gin bottles behind the bar with note tags on them explaining why you chose the gin. Or even better, create cocktail lists based on names of your guests or on your favourite places or memories as the bride and groom. 

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2. Use gins that complement your colour scheme

Do you have an obvious colour scheme? If so, let the gin add to it! Bridesmaids in pink? Then only include pink gins at your wedding. Pretty pinks include Pinkster Gin, Collagin Rose or Malfy Rosa. Violet flowers? Make the centre pieces even more spectacular by including violet gins in the display. Good ones include Whitley Neill Parma Violet or Violetta. Continue your colour scheme through to the smallest touches and it will make a huge impact.

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3. Make it unique

Everyone has seen all the major gin brands at weddings, so to get people talking, and to make your wedding décor or bar look different and to stand out, feature gins that people don’t see every day. This will grab attention and intrigue. Plus it will be very funny to get photos of Auntie Carol doing shots of Collagin with bridesmaid Beth after discovering the new tipple at your wedding. It might then become her favourite gin and will always remind her of your special day

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4. Make it different

Make the gin theme different – I am not talking about just the gin brands you use, but also how you display the gin bottles. Put fairy lights in empty bottles or use them as reed diffusers – get creative! Also, choose different tonic water brands to create a distinctive gin bar. We love Lixir tonic water as they are made by two lovely British lads. Again, the tonic water doesn’t need to be your everyday tonics so choose something unique or with a story.

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5. Make it worth an Instagram post!

Stack them into pyramids, decorate them with glitter, re lable them with your initials or wedding logo, whatever you do to your gin, make them Instagrammable! If you are getting your invites designed, the same designer could great lables to stick onto gin bottles featuring your wedding design and initials or your wedding date. I wanted to re-label empty bottles with my wedding design and our initials on the labels and use them as the table numbers but I ran out time….!

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6. Email the gin brands about your big day

At Collagin we LOVE getting emails from brides. If we know you are using Collagin for décor or behind the bar at your big day, we will offer trade prices or save up our empty bottles and send them to you. Tonic waters might do the same (the smaller the brand the more likely they are to help or be less rigid with prices!) Just explain you are a bride to be and see if they can offer reduced prices for a larger order or in exchange for lots of pictures from your wedding album. There is no harm in trying! This also works for hen do orders.

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Most importantly, make sure YOU the bride gets a drink. It is amazing how everyone assumes you are catered for but I was the last to try my food and drink at my wedding. So, if you are looking to drink on the big day, ask your Maid of Honour to make sure you are saved a glass of your favourite G&T, hopefully a Collagin!

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