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The original gin with added collagen

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Collagin 50cl

Collagin 50cl

Deliciously smooth and impeccably fragrant, Collagin is the original gin with added collagen.

Eleven delicate botanicals infuse each velvety drop, in a bewitching concoction of warm, earthy liquorice and floral notes of orris root, balanced by the clean taste of juniper and the gentle tang of fresh oranges.

For the perfect serve, mix yourself a Collagin G&T with unflavoured tonic water, a touch of vanilla bitters and a slice of chilled pink grapefruit. 


Collagin Rose

Collagin Rose

Limited Edition Collagin Rose - a pink twist on the original gin with added collagen.

An elegant and refined flavour, this unique recipe has stayed true to the principles of a classic gin, with rose oil steam distilled from rose petals. Collagin Rose hosts 11 botanicals including pink grapefruit and orris, but with the innovative addition of pure collagen. The result is a deliciously smooth, velvety gin with floral notes, finished with a subtle rose sweetness.

Best served with tonic water and fresh rose petals or mint.


Three Collagin Miniature 5cl Bottles

Three Collagin Miniature 5cl Bottles

A miniature 5cl version of our popular 50cl bottle.

Sold out on our website due to popular demand but you can order via Drink Supermarket: